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Two way communication

These methods are interactive in nature, often more intensive and involve the exchange of information and input between stakeholders and the commissioning organisation. This category has been further divided into two sub-groups:

Traditional: The traditional sub-group includes conventional methods that have been used over time and often, such as questionnaires and public meetings.

New and innovative: The new and innovative sub-group methods have been developed more recently and are becoming more widely used, such as charettes, community cultural development techniques and e-consultation.

Information has been compiled by the VLGA and the Local Government Division from key practitioners working in or around local governments using different methods in their work to serve as an introduction to a full set of methods.

Traditional methods
New and Innovative
Questionnaire Community Panels
Community Meetings/Forums Citizen Panels
Focus Groups/Workshops E-Consultation
Steering/Advisory Committee Hypothetical
Community Exhibitions Community Cultural Development Techniques
Community Leaders Large Group Methods:
  • Charettes
  • Search Conference
  • Open Space Technology
  • Deliberative Polling/Televoting
  Combinations of methods for large strategic exercises

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